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Beverlywood Homes Association eMail Bulletin




· There have
been many reports of people impersonating FBI agents, Realtors, City Inspectors,
IRS agents, etc.… be vigilant and do not open doors to strangers. Official agents
always carry two forms of identification, always ask for them. Salesmen have to
carry a city permit that allows for door-to-door sales. Please call POST at (626) 254-2929 if you notice anything suspicious.

Despite the delay… we wanted
to advise that on Thursday, August 25 around 11:15 PM, numerous cars met at
Circle Park in Beverlywood most likely to do a street takeover. Street
takeovers are plaguing Los Angeles and to the best of our knowledge,
Beverlywood was not specifically targeted for any reason. To date this year, LAPD has reported over 705
street takeovers in Los Angeles (see more information about street takeovers

two Post Alarm patrol cars responded to homeowner calls into Post’s dispatch
center within 3 minutes. Post Alarm’s
patrol officers motivated the outsiders to leave our neighborhood before
anything transpired. The street takeover
was disbanded quickly and there was no reported damage related to this event.

We are grateful to Post Alarm and its officers for their quick response
and their willingness to protect our neighborhood from this unexpected
attempted street takeover event. Confronting a large group of people with
unknown intentions was courageous and we thank Post Alarm for their response to
this situation.

Explanation of a Street Takeover:

A street takeover is where hordes of cars and spectators block
intersections to watch drivers race and spin their cars at high rates of speed,
drifting. Unfortunately, street
takeovers have become a dangerous but popular trend. as documented on August
22, 2022, Los Angeles Times article, “ Inside L.A.’s Deadly Street Takeover
Scene: A Scene of lawlessness”



  • The City of Los Angeles does not trap coyotes
    unless they are injured. It’s illegal to trap and relocate wildlife (California
    Code of Regulations, Title 14, § 465.5). If there is a particularly aggressive
    coyote in your area, CA Fish & Wildlife has the equipment to safely remove
    that animal. Please report a wildlife incident with CA Fish & Wildlife
    directly: https://apps.wildlife.ca.gov/wir. LA Animal Services holds regular wildlife
    seminars so the public can learn more about how they can coexist with wildlife,
    call (888) 452-7381 for more information.