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JULY 28, 2023

Good News – Vigilant homeowner with help of Post Alarm and LAPD leads to arrest of suspects

We often only hear about the unsolved incidents in our neighborhood but wanted to share the following regarding an incident that took place last week. On Saturday, July 22nd around 6:00PM, there was an LAPD criminal chase of two suspects in a stolen vehicle that came from outside our neighborhood into Beverlywood. When the LAPD helicopter was noticed, Post Alarm monitored the LAPD police scanner and noted that the perpetrators were entering our neighborhood. The Post officers went to the scene to try and assist. The perpetrators ended up crashing on Guthrie Drive and took chase on foot. A vigilant homeowner saw the perpetrators in their backyard and called Post Alarm who forwarded the information and helped LAPD arrest the two suspects. The Captain of LAPD’s West LA station was on scene and personally thanked Post and Captain McDonald for their help in the arrest of the two suspects.

Memo from Senior Lead Officer Chris Baker (abridged)

Recently there has been a notable increase in burglaries involving second-story entries, which emphasizes the importance of taking preventive measures. Leaving ladders and other items alongside the house makes it easier for burglars to gain access to higher entry points, such as second-story windows. Always store ladders and other climbing tools in a locked garage or shed. If you must leave them outside, ensure they are secured and not easily accessible. Additionally, I want to delve into a concerning trend that has emerged in the realm of cybersecurity and home security – criminals exploiting jammers to disrupt Wi-Fi security cameras. With the rise of smart home and business surveillance systems, the use of wireless security cameras has become widespread. However, criminals have found a new way to evade them by using signal jammers.

As always, we emphasize paying attention to your own security. Lock doors and windows and set your alarm, even if only away for a short time. Taking these precautions consume a lot less effort than dealing with the aftermath of a break-in.

Garbage Bins & Bulky Item Pickup

As a reminder, trash cans must be kept behind side gates. No garbage cans, boxes, yard trimmings or other rubbish shall be placed on a lot visible to a street, except on the day before and the day of trash pickup. Trash bins left out at other times are subject to fine. Any bulky items may be put on the curb one day before the scheduled pick-up; please call LA Sanitation at 800-773-2489 or use the MyLA311 app to schedule a curbside pick-up.